A downloadable game for Windows

First Pre-Alpha Version!

If you ever wanted to roam around in a world filled with castles only waiting for you to conquer them, fight side by side with your Units, upgrade and improve your Character and fight off waves of enemies every night, this game is just for you.

This game is currently in a very early development stage, barely even playable and with tons of placeholder graphics, but with updates coming frequently, it will get more features on a regular basis. So if you are up for a playtest of an unfinished game, then give it a try and build your own opinion. Every feedback and improvement suggestion is highly appreciated :)


W, A, S, D...Movement

1, 2, 3, 4...Unit-Commands (Idle, Follow, Attack, Defend)


Left Click...Interact, Sword-Attack(if in Attack or Defend Mode)

Right Click...Use selected Skill (Fireball at start)

Mousewheel...Select a skill (Fireball, Icelance)


B...Build Mode (if you are in the Castle)

P...Start Wave (if you are in the Castle and the Timer is 0)

H...Go Home (if you are on Battlefield and no Enemies are alive)

F1...GUI on/off

F2..Show Lifebars on/off

F3...Show Ranges on/off (Attack Range/Vision Range)

F11, F12...Music, Sounds on/off

How to play

At daytime you roam around outside your castle attacking enemy castles which will spawn a certain amount of units. After defeating almost every hostile unit, the remaining units will change sides and fight under your command. Collect as many units, gold and XP as you can while daytime, get upgrades in your castle and get ready for the night!

At nighttime you must remain in your castle and prepare for opposing waves of units in a good old-fashioned Tower Defense. Build and upgrade towers within the castle to protect your precious gold vault they are coming for! In this version of the game you have to survive 5 days to win.

Features I'm working on right now

  • more Skills
  • more Towertypes
  • better Balancing
  • Upgrade at Homecastle
  • Animated Unit-Sprites



Install instructions

1. Unpack

2. Double-Click "Combined Combat Castle.exe"

3. Have Fun :D

4. Leave feedback :)


Combined Combat Castle v0.22.zip (69 MB)


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Does not seem to work, cool idea though.

What exactly doesnt work?

(Edited 1 time)

I cannot click any of the buttons when I click my castle, and therefore have no army to do anything with.

Edit: On WIN 10 if that helps.

(Edited 1 time)

From the beginning you only can hit the home button to go back in your castle. Start with fighting the weakest enemy castle, your hero is strong enough to defeat it on his own. Besides, the last 15% of enemy castle units will change sides and will be your commandable units, which then can be called out, if they arent already. Also I added a new version with a little ingame-tutorial to explain the basics of the game :D